Art Leasing

The gallery below shows a few samples of the Fine Art that can be leased and rotated periodically for your rental apartments or your own home. For inquires visit our Art Leasing page.


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Merry-Beth Noble,

is an Independent Licensed Real Estate Broker, and REALTOR in the Chicago Land area of Illinois.  She is the Managing Broker of Regalia Creative and Principal of the firm working along side partner Hague Williams.  Merry-Beth is also a member of the Chicago Association of Realtors.

Born in Los Angeles, she is the grand-daughter of a Real Estate Investor and Broker, learning at a young age, the value of property ownership and investment.  Educated in the Arts, she has a BA from UCLA, a BFA at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Masters Degree from University of Chicago.  While living in Hollywood, she worked internationally as an Artist and award-winning Creative Professional in the film and television industry beginning in 1987.  After traveling all over the US, and Abroad, she discovered opportunities by investing in property as a private enterprise.  Later she turned her pastime into a business becoming a licensed broker, to work more extensively in Real Estate and assist clients.

Our Name:  Regalia Creative

Regalia refers to the symbols, emblems or flags that represent status, carry symbolic meaning or stand for a family line.  Many colors and forms of Regalia carry with them a rich history and tradition that has been passed on for centuries.  Like the family crest or flag of a nation, the colors and flags that are regalia represent strong unity, family history and regal historic roots.   People pay attention to the regalia of the uniform, the flag of a geographic region, or the the flags on a sailing vessel, and can understand these important symbolic meanings.  At Regalia Creative, we chose the symbol of the waving banner as a flying symbol of strength and honor, a colorful symbol to represent your property.

Creative is the mindset we have when we approach our daily interaction with clients and their property.  We work from a place of creative problem solving, and treat every transaction as a unique situation, that deserves attention and innovation.  We can work with any budget, and make the priorities of our clients our focus.  Because we also have a background in the arts, we ad the extra special artistic eye and creative approach to everything we do.  This is why we take the time to represent your property with great photos, and lively ad copy.  We also provide excellent service with clean up, decoration and art installation to make your property stand out as a well-designed stylish home, that highlights it's best features.

At Regalia Creative we treat your home or investment with as much care as we give to our own.  Standing by the Realtor code of ethics, the Regalia Creative team treats the public fairly and communicates honestly with clients, customers and other industry professionals at all times.  We work hard to find qualified tenants the best possible housing and help them stay within their budget.  We also assist property owners to keep their property running smoothly and generating income.  We know that  property ownership and the sale or purchase of property can be one of the most important and significant decisions in life.   Let us help take away your Real Estate headache and turn it into happiness!